Monday, September 6, 2010

Art Business Institute

August was a very busy month. Immediately following the fashion show, I participated in the Visiting Artist Program sponsored by Wendy Rosen of the Buyers Market of American Craft. This three day event was held at the Baltimore Convention Center, Aug. 23-25. The wholesale show is designed to link artists with museum, boutique and gallery owners who will place orders for their wares.

Wendy had the foresight to offer an opportunity for visiting/emerging artists to participate in a daylong business course, Art Business Institute, that addressed: marketing, gallery relationships, reasons to wholesale, pricing & production, building a brand, and telling your story, etc. The workshops were facilitated by gallery owners and artists. I found the information invaluable. Participants were asked to bring their portfolio and publicity material for critique which was also very helpful. We were given an opportunity to walk the show-room floor and speak to the some of the artists, observe displays and booths, collect promotional material, as appropriate.

Here is a link to get more information about the Buyers Market, go to the "Press" page and check-out the video:

I don't know if you're like me, but I like doing the creative side of art: buying product, designing, creating and manufacturing. I know that in order to maximize success you must also do the business side of art: record/bookkeeping, marketing, selling, follow-up, etc. We were given tips for getting it done without necessarily doing it ourselves. Ask me how???

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