Sunday, November 21, 2010

Charm Bracelets & Charm Necklaces & Waist Beads

Well the holiday season is upon us. As you scurry around town looking for the most unique and original gifts for your loved one's, you may want to stop by my Open Studio on Friday 11/26 and Saturday 11/27 from 12-5pm to purchase handcrafted jewelry and bags that your gift recipient will treasure forever.

Speaking of treasured gifts, you may not be aware that I make charm bracelets and charm necklaces for women, girls or the daring man. I have a simple questionnaire that asks questions about your interests, family, career, etc. (if interested, I will email you the questionnaire) send your request to:
Pictures of charm bracelets and necklaces will soon be posted on this blog. Charm bracelets and necklaces by A Touch of Gracye will be available for your perusal at the Open Studio this weekend. I use sterling silver or gold charms & chains and natural semi-precious gemstones.

Another unique gift item is the waist beads. These are custom designed beads worn around your waist.

Traditionally, a woman wears waist beads underneath her clothes for only her husband or significant other to see. In some parts of Africa, the beads are anointed in oils, and the woman stands over a smoke pot and commences to "smoke her self." This practice aids in sensory pleasure for the man. Some beads are adorned with bells, which is a signal to let the man know that the woman wants to engage in sexual intimacy.

In other parts of Africa, the beads are given to young women as a rites of passage into womanhood. In general, women wear waist beads for their own personal pleasure. When crystals and gemstones are incorporated into the style of the waist beads, they acquire the healing properties of the particular stones.

Today, women can choose to either show their waist beads as the latest fashion accessory, or to wear it for themselves. Either way, waist beads are an excellent tool for healing and a wonderful way for women to feel more feminine and beautiful. Some women use the waist beads as a way to monitor their weight.
These beautiful gemstone waist beads are hand made and customized just for you.

They will be available for you to see when you come to the Open Studio.

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